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Now is the time to consider vaccination of calves to protect against pneumonia, especially if this problem has occurred in previous years.

Pneumonia is often a multifactorial condition involving several different viruses & bacteria. Environmental factors such as ventilation, temperature & stocking rates have a major influence on the condition as does the immune status of the calf-hence it is very important to ensure adequate colostrum intake in the first 12 hours of life.

Most of the available vaccines provide protection against several of the viruses eg. RISPOVAL4. Calves over 12 weeks of age require 2 doses 3-4 weeks apart. So vaccinating sooner rather than later in order to get the calves fully covered before Autumn is a good plan!

Because of the complex nature of pneumonia & the fact that bacteria can often be involved, a jab of RISPOVAL P is also given at the same time as the second rispoval4 jab-this then covers the calf against nearly all the major pathogens.

Another vaccine that works well on some farms is BOVIPAST RSP-THIS COVERS AGAINST SEVERAL VIRUSES & Pasteurella . This vaccine can be used at a very young age- 2 weeks of age & requires 2 jabs 4 weeks apart.

If you require any advice regarding the control of calf pneumonia please contact the surgery.