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Microchipping is a method of identifying pets other than collars and tags which can be lost or removed. A microchip is a permanent method of identification and  will function for the life of your pet.

Microchipping enables a pet to be linked to its owner, so if it is stolen or lost, the pet and owner can be reunited. When any pet is found injured or lost and taken to vet or a welfare agency such as the RSPCA, it is scanned, and if microchipped it can speedily be restored to its owner.

What are Microchips?

A microchip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under the skin of the neck. It has a unique number that can be scanned by a reader, similar to a barcode reader. This number is recorded in the database, which can be contacted for your details if a chipped animal is found.


Placing a microchip is a common procedure and is safe for your animal. Either a vet or a nurse can place a microchip. This is normally done in a consultation. The needle used is slightly larger than a normal injection needle and most animals tolerate this very well.

We do offer a reduced price for chipping if this is done under anaesthetic while being neutered.

We would advise putting as many phone numbers as possible on the registration form, for ease of contact in case your animal goes missing.

Remember, if you move house or if your animal is re homed, you need to change your contact details with the microchipping company.

We use TRACER MINI chips at the Moorlands ( as seen on TV ads). These are high quality MINI chips - smaller and easier to implant. TRACER have the highest reunification database in the UK.